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Passion for performance and an eye for quality drive us to render excellent service & produce professional results, standard. From Beautiful Web Design that looks great on any device to Promotional Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, and more. Leverage Industry Experience in Digital Marketing to take your ideas further.

Finding creative ways to communicate your vision in a rapidly evolving digital space is our passion. You have spent your years developing your brand, business and identity. Now, let us put our time and experience to work for you to help you get your voice and ideas out there and meet your goals faster.

We are a nimble and agile agency of creative professionals with a dedicated core team sharing combined decades of experience in Web Development and Digital Marketing and we genuinely love what we do. We started in Orlando, FL but have expanded to feature offices and team members around the world, working around the clock for you, to help you bring your dreams and visions to life, and help you provide real value for you and your customers.


Ken Reda

Ken Reda

Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams

President & Director of Client Success

Lordson Jonassaint

Lordson Jonassaint

Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a modern website in 2022?
Fast loading, mobile responsive (meaning it looks and feel great on any device, including mobile phones), with strong calls to action helping to guide an amazing and blissful user experience, along with a modern look and feel supported by a reliable and professional branding experience that instills confidence in your website visitors: there are all just some of the things it means to have a modern Website in 2022. When working on your new website in 2022, be sure not to miss any of these critical elements.
Does my business really need a modern website in 2022?
The fact of the matter is, any brick and mortar business (or any business in general) that does not have a modern website in 2022, is not only leaving money on the table, they are leaving themselves open and vulnerable to competitors overtaking their marketplace.

The world is digital and there is no going back so why not ride the wave and leverage the platforms and channels where your prospects are to your highest advantage?

It would make no sense for an inferior service provider to get more customers simply because they have superior digital marketing and sales systems, but sadly this happens.

You have spent years working on your craft, building your passion. Why do all of that time spent a disservice by not giving your digital presence the adequate attention it deserves.

You would not want to your clients or customers to see you looking disheveled or, possibly worse, get the appearance that your mindset and methodologies may be archaic and outdated, or simply unprofessional, so why would you leave the door open for that same exact impression online by neglecting one of the most controllable elements of your marketing suite in 2022?
In today’s world it is highly cost effective to get an amazing digital presence and look just as good, or even better, than any fortune 500 brand, and be at equal footing in the digital terrain.

So yes, if you would like to remain in business and thrive in 2022, a modern website is a must 🙂

What are some of the benefits of a modern website in 2022?
While referrals and traditional advertising do provide some traffic and customers, one of the major benefits of using your website (and digital channels in general) as a primary marketing outlet is exactly how trackable the results are, giving you the opportunity to intelligently and methodically scale your business.

This means you can really start to know exactly how many customers are discovering you through your website, and learn to understand their actions, in order to provide higher value to them. When you can find out how they found your website (what search terms or pages brought them there), you already know what they are interested in.

Additionally, they are already familiar with and comfortable with your brand. By the time they arrive at your doors they may have already read some great reviews and can’t wait to work with you.

The website serves as a 24/7/365 salesperson always putting your best foot forward and providing valuable and useful information to your website visitors who are looking for your help in solving the problem that your business specializes in.

Automation is taking over the world and if you do not have a powerful website as the center of your marketing hub, you are losing out on the tremendous benefits automation can bring to your marketing and sales process, which once configured, can allow you to scale your business and serve more customers and impact your world in the way you would like to.

How long does it take to design and develop a new business website?
This process can typically happen within 30 days for a standard project, allowing 2 weeks for design, 1 week for development, and 1 week for final audits and site / system launch.
How does the Website Design and Development process work? I’m very particular about my brand!
We know your brand is important to you, and it’s important to us as well!

We will spend time on an initial discovery call learning all about your brand history, current state of affairs, business goals, competitive landscape, ideal customers, and examples of websites you love. From there, we will then take all of the information from our call and create beautiful fully custom website designs for you to choose from and provide feedback to.

Note: Regarding wire-frames, we use them internally, but find our production cycle to be more expeditious when kept internal and focusing on presenting a fully designed mock up, though wire-frames are available at any stage of the process.

Once the design is approved and you absolutely love it, we will create an interior page design as well as any supplementary page templates that may be needed depending on your business needs (Team Member pages, etc). We will then present these for review and feedback, and once approved we move all of these designs into development.

After a development period of about 1 week, you will be presented with a fully functioning demo staging website to click though, browse on your phone, and make adjustments to until it is dialed in to your vision. Once final elements are approved, we connect your Google Analytics and any other necessary scripts, do final quality checks, and launch your website for you, while providing on boarding training on how to update it, free of charge if requested. After Which we offer complimentary technical support for up to 120 days after launch.

Can you take care of our company's website hosting?
Absolutely. We can either point you to our preferred hosting providers, or we can take care of this service for you on a hosting package so you never have to worry about it.
Do you offer free websites and online marketing consultations?
For qualified applicants we certainly do. Please contact us with a little information about your business, including company size, industry, current marketing budget and current website and social platforms, and we will let you know if you qualify for this free audit!
Are there ongoing fees for Web Design and Development from DM-Solutions.io?
Not at all! It is a one time fee with us, and after that your only expense would be your monthly hosting costs (Typically can be as low as $15/mo) and annual domain cost (also low, around $50/yr). It is recommended to get an SSL as well for site security, which can be as low as $10/year.
What are your website development and digital marketing rates?
New Website Design & Development projects start at $3500. Digital marketing packages (Search Engine Optimization and Integrated Growth Solutions) have rates contingent on business needs and can be quoted upon request or through a discovery session with our team. Contact us Today to get started.
What is the difference between SEO and IGS?
Our SEO services focus on the long and medium term goals of utilizing content marketing, SEO and having an amazing website full of answers for your prospects, in order to get you ranked higher and higher in the organic Google search. Integrated Growth Solutions includes SEO, but takes it one step further by adding Paid Ad management to the mix, for more immediate results and lead generation solutions. We do this through a combination of Google Paid ads and Facebook ads for lead generation (depending on your business model).
Do you install Google Analytics?
Absolutely! We will install Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and any scripts you may need for your marketing, free of charge. If you don’t know which ones you would need or are confused as to the power of analytics along with your website, Contact Us to learn about how you can use the power of analytics and data driven marketing to take your business to the next level today.
Will we be able to maintain our website internally, or will you do that for us?
Whatever works better for you and your team. DM-Solutions.io can maintain it for you, and you can easily submit support tickets and updates to us via email utilizing one of our service packages, or, you can update it yourself easily via the WordPress back-end. Or both 🙂
I have very little experience updating a website. Will my website be easy to use?
One of the many benefits of WordPress is the fact that it is an incredibly user friendly CMS (Content Management System), while also being a tremendously powerful and secure platform, that allows a high degree of customization.
Do you provide support after the launch of my new website?
Absolutely. We offer free support for 120 days after the website launch. You heard that right 🙂 Any technical issues. Any questions on how to update simple content. Something not working the way it was when we launched the site? We’ll help work on it with you and do our best to resolve it at no extra charge.
Will my website be fast loading?
We build all of our website for speed from the ground up, and then still do a speed optimization process before we launch a new one.
Why WordPress?
One third of the internet is run on WordPress. And due to it’s open source nature, it is constantly being kept up to date and secure. Beyond that it is one of the most intuitive and flexible CMS (content management systems) on the market, and it is FREE.
What’s it like to work with DM-Solutions.io?
We are people, just like you. We know your dreams are important so we treat them with humility and deference. We are passionate, enthusiastic, articulate and accessible. Working with us is not only an easy process, but it is a -fun- and effective one.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our testimonials from our clients.

We think you may be a good fit for us. How do we get started?
That’s great! You can easily get a hold of by filling out a contact form on our website, by visiting our Contact Us page, or by calling the number you find in our footer area.

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