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The top performing companies in the world never rely on a single lead source, and in 2021, there has never been as much potential as there is now to take full advantage of high leverage points to weave together ironclad networks of synergistic lead generation systems. Surprise & delight your prospects on their customer journey, and turn prospects, into buyers, and buyers into raving fans & referrals.

This approach is possible through what we like to call Integrated Growth Solutions, or IGS. IGS takes an approach of nurturing and developing an ecosystem of content, value and windows of opportunity for your ideal prospects to encounter and learn about your business and services.

It combines an amazing website foundation, with the long term powerful growth effects of tactical search engine optimization, but it takes the approach many steps further. We introduce media buying and paid ad management, via Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads. We develop the landing pages, ad copy, ad creative, and handle the media buying and testing.

We then craft and implement your email marketing follow up sequences so that you can get the absolute most from all lead generation efforts, converting those through email who may have not converted initially on the ad platform.

Additionally, we utilize retargeting and sophisticated machine learning to find the exact type of customers who already match the profile of your best customers, and to keep your business top of mind with your most interested prospects, while delivering them highly valuable micro content (all of which we create) that allows them to learn about your brand and begin to know, like and trust it in the same way of any national brand.

Your email marketing and all analytics come integrated into a CRM, we can provide one or work with (most of) yours to help you maximize the LTV (Lifetime Value) of clients, and ultimately dial things into a science so we know that we are able to spend 1 dollar to acquire a customer and able to get 2 dollars back.

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